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The world is not how it should be.

There are things that are happening that are not okay and they are not the way that it is supposed to be.

Injustice is so common that we have become accustomed to it and accept it as normal.

We see things on the news and are no longer affected by them because they are so normal.

We need to start seeing the problems as exactly what they are. Problems.

Did you know:

  • Around 4.3 million children live in poverty in the UK

  • In St helens, 29.1% of children in St helens live in poverty.

  • 75% of those households have at least one parent in work.

These stats should shock you. They should make you want to change the way that you live.

They should make you want justice for these people and to help change the way the UK does things.

The problem is that all too often we don't change, we see stats and we don't change the way we live our lives.

It is important that we let these things change and shape us.

  • Two brothers brought to safety from forced labour slavery in Cambodia have recently returned home.

Maybe a personal story might change something.

Maybe it won't.

The point is, that we cannot change what we cannot see.

So go and do some research.

Find out for yourself.

The first step to change is seeing.


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