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I have been watching a program on Netflix called down to earth with Zac Efron.

He is obviously a famous actor and he is going around the world on a massive budget, visiting places where the world is being changed and shaped and where people are making a real difference to change the world.

One of the things he said that really stood out to me during the program was:

“When everyone does something, the world changes”

This shocked me, not because it was a new thing or because I had never heard it before, but because it was so simple.

When every person does something, the world will change.

This process has never been about one person doing enough for the whole world to change.

It has been about everybody working together. We are only able to make a change when everybody is working together on this. For the world to truly look different, we need to all be in this together. So what are we waiting for? What difference are you going to make today?

I would recommend you watch the whole DOWN TO EARTH series, it is really interesting and throughout he highlights incredible ways in which we can all get involved in the saving of our planet. The trailer is at the bottom of the page.

Comment below what you have done, we would love to hear from you about the things you are doing to make a change to the world.

However small or big, we want to know.


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